Offering Handmade Copys of Treatises

Offering Handmade Copys of Treatises

Postby Weedus » 08 May 2018 16:21

Im an unknown german Artist who thinks i could find the one or other Job here ;)
I can make you hand drawn/painted Copy of any fencing Book where you can provide some refernce Material for.
Atm i can only show 2 Pages from a Copy i make for myself. Ringer Kunst" von Fabian von Auerswald.
Here you can see the first 2 Pages,compare them to the original..i think they are so identical that one could use them as "find the error puzzle pictures" ;)

I use lightfast pigmented Ink (Winsor & Newton Quality) and the paper is "Ingres" Cotton Paper,mould Made.This Combination would secure that it lasts forever (cotton Paper was found intact with egyptian Mummies),and it also gives it a old look. I can wash the whole Page with some Ocre to tint it yellowish when you want too then it looks realy old. But everyone taking it in their Hands will instantly feel that its not normal "wood" Paper. When you prefer other Paper i can use that too but i think Ingres Paper is perfect.

I realy took care to copy where the Hands are,which direction the Thumbs are etc...i know the important Details ;)

I have no real Idea what i shall ask for it... so i thought its best on a "per time spend" basis.
Drawing is much faster then the lettering,so unlettered Pages would be much much cheaper,so perhaps you wanna do that yourself ?
For the drawing of this Pages i needed around 2 Hours... and i think a fair price would be 30 € you can estimate yourself what it would cost to have a whole Book with 85 Illustrations like "Ringer Kunst" Copied.
But perhaps some People just want the "4 Huten" or someothing other Iconing.
My main strength is watercolor so i could copy even the most illustrated and colorfull ones..i be honest i dont tried it yet but all fails you would not have to pay lol
So as Example this is Page 1
This Page 2

You can see the originals here
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Re: Offering Handmade Copys of Treatises

Postby swordflasher » 19 Jun 2018 22:58

I like your drawings. I'm not a potential patron, just an admirer.
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