Boucicault's biography

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Boucicault's biography

Postby admin » 29 Jan 2010 12:35

Courtesy of Ariella Elema and the French National Library:

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Re: Boucicault's biography

Postby Fab » 29 Jan 2010 13:15

An apologetic biography, to be precise.
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Re: Boucicault's biography

Postby Brewerkel » 29 Jan 2010 15:50

Boucicault was a punk so there was a lot to apologize for. :roll: Aside from his success on the tournament field, he wasn't much use as captain, a military advisor (Nicopolis, Agincourt) or a military governor. (Genoa) He was born with good connections, had prowess at arms and was always in the forefront of adventure. That is certainly telling in how French medieval nobility appreciated renown.
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Re: Boucicault's biography

Postby Ariella Elema » 12 Sep 2011 23:54

I just noticed that there's now a more recent edition available at Google Books.
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Re: Boucicault's biography

Postby Monzambano » 17 Dec 2014 00:59

Came across this by chance - there is a mention of Boucicault on pages 95-95 of the 1589 print edition of Paulus Jovius - no mention of a duel, though
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