Deutliche und gründliche - L'Ange -1708


Deutliche und gründliche - L'Ange -1708

Postby Piermarco » 09 Sep 2011 23:34

Quite late italianate German rapier, with cross-hilts no less and very nice plates.
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Re: Deutliche und gründliche - L'Ange -1708

Postby Reinier » 01 Oct 2011 09:10

According to the scibbled note on the first page, this is a re-print of an earlier, 1664 book.
The front page (partly) supports this by stating that it is a re-publication by Charle L'Ange of a book first published by Jeann Daniel L'Ange.

(If my German is good enough)
…en A alſoo liggende kan aen B, ſonder eenigh beletſel, met de zijde van ſijn hooft, op het aengeſicht van B, ſoo veel ſtoten als hy begeert. – Nicolaes Petter, 1674.
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