Revival Clothing 'Agincourt' arming doublet

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Revival Clothing 'Agincourt' arming doublet

Postby admin » 26 Sep 2008 13:02

I received this today in the post.
My first impressions are that it's very nice.
I had problems deciding which size to go for, because with a 42" chest I was right on the cusp between Small and Medium, but the website said that you should go for the smaller size if you were on the border, and I'm glad I trusted them. It is as tight as it needs to be, in fact very tight, but not at all restrictive, The sleeves more great, they are long enough (with monkey arms I often have problems with long enough sleeves). I have to have the body as open as possible to fit in it, which is correct according to their sizing. The quality seems good - the stitching and material all seems good and tough.
My only negative but inevitable remark so far is that the arming points will need moving, as they are not in exactly the right place for me. But that's inevitable. A possible negative is that I don't think the leather patch of the arming point is really thick or strong enough - I think I'll replace them with thicker leather.
The points are very basic - like shoe laces. For me that's okay, because of the design of my armour, but I imagine some people will want to replace the points themselves, straight away.
All in all I am very happy so far. It is as thin as I wanted and I cannot imagine getting too hot in it.

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