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Todd Foster Custom Short Sap

Postby J Marwood » 20 Nov 2008 03:51

I've had a few saps over the years. A Chinese cheapy I soon binned, a couple from JP Leather, a traditional US police supplier and, for the last 2 years or so, a nice short sap from Todd Foster, a maker in North Carolina.

One problem I have found with the traditional sap design is that of access. With the weapon in a pocket, such as the back pocket on a pair of jeans it is tricky to access, especially under pressure.

After a short email exchange with Todd describing this issue I ordered a new custom sap with much longer and more rigid retaining strap. 2 weeks later and my new Sap arrived and it's a beauty.

Slightly heavier than the previous one, and a little thicker, it is made of much higher quality leather, textured this time, and as a result rides better in the pocket. The longer, more rigid strap makes accessing a breeze, even under an untucked shirt and heavy coat. It hits a little heavier as well, with the side seam (my preferred impact point) seeming more robust and harder than on the previous model. It certainly deserves Todd's by line 'Stealing childhood memories since 2004' :)

I'm really happy at this, and for $65 an absolute bargain. Todd can be reached at




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