A Note on the Getty and Pisani-Dossi Manuscripts

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A Note on the Getty and Pisani-Dossi Manuscripts

Postby BFStokes » 29 Jan 2018 02:59

Good Day to All.

Having had the opportunity to sit with both the Getty and Pisani-Dossi manuscripts I thought I would post some notes.


1) The spear point on the master in tutta porta di ferro is at the bottom of the spear but is edge on to the viewer. I spent a great deal of time looking at this with a very strong magnifying glass and noted that in the drawing the downward tip is 'metal.' (I think it is silver but it is definitely grayish in color.)


1) The 'scholar' on 7b, last play of the 1st RMD, bears a crown.
2) The three dots that appear on the sword held by the master in the Segno are intentional. Whether this has any special meaning I do not know. I have my conjectures but no theory about what they mean.
3) The 'spray' issuing from the head of the squared pollaxe appearing on 36a is gold.

For those unaware if a word error was made by the scribe(s) writing the descriptive paragraphs the partial word would be crossed out if the error was found part way through it being written and if the word was completed but written incorrectly (I think in the Getty the same word was written twice) it was underlined, usually twice. I know that both types of corrections appear in the Getty but have as of yet noted any in the Pisani-Dossi.

As I work my way through my notes if I find anything of interest I'll post it up. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.


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