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Cutting stuff

Postby Young blade » 01 Jun 2008 20:57

Out of sheer curiousity *spelt horribly, I know* after looking at the cutting party vid(s) on Youtube 8) , I wondered if anyone has cutt the matts they use in Tameshigiri *Japanese test cutting, link here if you really dont know what this idiot (me) means-* cos it made me think that water or liquids would rust a swords edge, if not cleaned properly? (Thats cos I only know about banana's, which rust easily :? )

Thanks! :)
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Postby admin » 01 Jun 2008 23:08

Hi there. Yes we have cut tatami mats at many events - it is quite common to do this with European swords now. We just use water bottles because they are free and easy to get (tatami can be expensive if you cut a lot), and in some ways they can be harder to cut than tatami mats, which are quite easy.

A couple of points - the tatami mats are made wet over night before cutting, so they have the same problems of water on steel as water bottles do. However, a steel blade will not rust that quickly - so long as you don't leave it wet for a few minutes then there is no rust.
Secondly, Japanese swords don't really cut any better than some sorts of European swords (eg. messers, sabres or falchions). It's just that some European swords are designed to be very effective in a cut and thrust style of fencing (not so specialised on the cut), and so compromises are sometimes made in their cutting abilities. Also, for medieval swords at least, the thrust was frequently more important, because cutting against European full plate armour is useless with any sword. I am sure than an early medieval sword will cut just as effectively against most targets as a Japanese sword, and against some targets it may cut better. Also remember that Japanese swords have shorter blades than European swords, generally.
Many of us own and use both European and Asian swords (I do), so we have a pretty good idea of what different types of sword can.

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