Hello from Washington!

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Hello from Washington!

Postby Isidore2daMax » 31 Mar 2015 04:50

Hi there folks,

My name's Ellery and I thought I'd just add mine to the myriad of hello's here on the forum! I'm eighteen and an art student in a small college in Bellingham, Washington but my interests have always orbited swords and armor. I never had an opportunity to learn fencing when I was younger (grew up at a marine lab campus) so I took up Taekwondo when I was eight and have done some Escrima and Jiu Jitsu at the limited martial arts venues on my little tourist-centric hometown of Friday Harbor. Sport fencing with foil or epee always seemed a little disconnected from practical swordsmanship to me and so I never found myself with the motive to pursue it where it was not easily found, and it was only recently that I discovered HEMA and realized it was a modern martial art/sport/humanity that people did! I was very excited upon finding this out.

Thus, after having some class huddles around Matt Easton's videos (thanks Mr. Easton for doing what you do!) and picking up some waisters it was easy to convince a handful of people to buy some WIndsor books (and spontaneously a book on Spadone) and hop to it, and we've been training informally for a few months now (but consistently). Not part of a club and never been to a school but I know of a branch of The School of European Swordsmanship that is located in Seattle near me, so a few trips there are certainly on the to-do list.

This's quite random (sorry if it's inappropriate here) but I thought that if anyone sees this who might answer, I'd be very grateful. I don't know much about source availability for this kind of thing with my limited amount of study, so does anyone know a good manual or author that/who teaches single Arming Sword (i.e with an empty offhand). Someone on another forum a while back told me that some of Fiore's daga material could be adapted to use a longer sword but that stuff is mostly grappling+disarms, isn't it? I intend to pick up Guy's book on dagger but was wondering if anyone had a better idea as to how one might learn single Arming Sword.

Thanks so much to everyone on the forum! I and my companions look forward to using this as a resource and being part the community once we have something to say. Everyone starting has so many questions and we really need direction and surety where we can find it, since it's all too easy to start feeling knowledgeable after reading a couple of books and practicing a few hours. I imagine we'll be asking a lot of questions here.

- Ellery von Dassow
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Re: Hello from Washington!

Postby admin » 05 Apr 2015 11:03

Hi Ellery, welcome to the forum and welcome to HEMA!
In terms of arming sword material, technically there is not a lot - the arming sword is usually shown used in treatises with the buckler (as in 1.33). However, the langesmesser sources are pretty adaptable to arming sword (eg. Leckuchner), as well as the sidesword sources (eg. Marozzo) and Fiore does actually have a one-handed sword section in his treatise, though it's fairly short.

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