Foreign troublemakers in 14thC London

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Foreign troublemakers in 14thC London

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28 Jan. 1382, 20 Jan. 1382
Inquest held before John Norhampton, mayor of the city of London, and John Rote and John Hende, sheriffs, at Guildhall to inquire what evildoer or evildoers by night tore away and threw down certain shields, on which were painted the arms of the king and the emperor together, and another shield bearing the arms of the king alone, which shields had been erected round the Conduit in honour of the king and Anne the queen-consort on the occasion of their passing through the city to Westminster for their wedding ceremonies on Monday before the feast of St Agnes [21 Jan.] (fn. 6) — by oath of Richard Goudchild and twenty-three others. The jurors say that about midnight on the Monday aforesaid three shields, each bearing the arms of the king and emperor together, and another shield of the arms of the king alone were violently and maliciously pulled down to the grave dishonour and scandal of the king and queen and to the manifest danger and damage of the city, and that afterwards, when similar shields were painted and set up by precept of the mayor on the following day, a certain Godescalkus of Westfal in Duchesland (fn. 7) , servant of John Porter, goldsmith, came about midnight the same day to the Conduit and began to hack down a newly-painted shield with a knife called a "baselard," and before he could succeed in so doing he was taken with the knife in his hand. They say further that the same Godescalcus tore away and threw down the four shields on the previous night, as they were given to understand; that he had resided in London for the last ten years and more; and that his master, John Porter, was a "native of France and was born in the allegiance of the king of France. Being asked if the said John or any one else was a confederate or consented to the abovementioned acts, they answered—no, so far as they could find out among themselves.

From: 'Calendar - Roll A 25: 1381-83', Calendar of the plea and memoranda rolls of the city of London: volume 3: 1381-1412 (1932), pp. 1-35.

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