Statute of Rogues

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Statute of Rogues

Postby David Kite » 23 Feb 2015 21:37

Statutes concerning vagabonds occur quite frequently in the Acts of Parliament. One, however,is particularly cited as the Statute of Roages by Sir Humphrey Gilbert in his "Queene Elizabeths Achademy," when he suggests that the hired Master of Defence be exempt from it. I assume this statute to be the one passed in 1597, being 39 El.1 c.4, and Aylward cites this particular one as specifically naming fencers. I'm interested in reading the statute, but so far have been unable to find an online copy.

The text of most historical statutes can be found in the two series by Ruffhead and Pickering respectively, and links to scans of them can be found here: ... arliament/

It looks like most of the statutes are provided in full text. Unfortunately, a few of them, including 39 El. 1 c.4 only provide a condensed summary. Has anyone seen a copy of the full text of this statute?

On a semi-related note, I'm also interested in 4&5 Philip and Mary c.2, passed in 1557, and which, according to Pickering's summary, concerns “What number, rate, and proportion of horses, armour and weapons, each person is bound and chargeable to keep in any respect, or for any cause.”

Thanks in advance. :D

David Kite

*edited to correct misremembering Gilbert's name.
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