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Chronica Picta Weirdness

Postby Martin Greywolf » 20 Nov 2014 12:50

I don't even. This question may or may not be armor related. Hell, for all I know, it could be related to interior decoration... somehow.

While trying to come up with some reconstructions of clothes and armor seen in Chronica Picta, I found this guy. He's supposed to be a nomad (modeled on cuimans, most likely) at a king's court ("officially", it's supposed to be Stephen I. of Hungary).

Thing is, I have no idea what those brown things on his arms are. They look like they could maybe be lamellar shoulders, but the gap is weird, and why would he wear lamellar shoulders and no other armor?

The picture has the same guy with the mysterious thingies in blue circle, plus a picture without alterations. Does anyone know what they could be? (Hm, shoulder pockets?)
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