Early regulation weapon training

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Early regulation weapon training

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This is one of the earliest references (though not recommended here, but considered) I have seen in early-modern European/American history for something like regulation military training in hand weapons, which were not to become common until the late-18th century: “Letter from Mr. Secretary Vernon, March 4, 1701, ordered to be recommended to the Committee to revise the Laws; and the state and condition of the Militia, wherein they are to consider (1) whether it is most proper for every foot-company to have their fire-arms all alike; (2) whether it would not be best that they should be all horse or dragoons, ye foot being of little use; (3) whether a public magazeen of arms and ammunition would not be very convenient to be kept in each county by several Chief Officers; (4) whether to encourage all to enure themselves to feats of arms or deeds of chivalry, it would not be very proper to have public prizes in each county for shooting and wrestling and backsword;”

From: 'America and West Indies: July 1701, 1-5', Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies, Volume 19: 1701 (1910).

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