Destreza and it's swords...

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Destreza and it's swords...

Postby ScottRoush » 18 Jul 2014 22:07

Hello.. I'm a new member here and this is my first post. I'm a swordsmith that has also recently gotten into historical fencing. I've begun studying Destreza and am interested in making some swords that are representative of the style. I understand that the time period in which Destreza was practiced covers some ground and that there were transitions in sword styles. My general feel is more side sword/cutting rapier in the earlier period transitioning to thrusting throughout it's history.

But does anybody feel like there is a sword style that really exemplifies Destreza? I'd like to do some close replicas and am searching for inspiration.. as well as well documented swords with all relevant info.. blade length, balance, cross-sectional geometry, hilt dimensions, etc.

Hope this post is considered appropriate!
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Re: Destreza and it's swords...

Postby admin » 21 Jul 2014 12:03

Hi Scott, welcome to the forum. Destreza is really outside my sphere of detailed knowledge, but I would think that basically any Spanish 16th-18th century cup-hilted rapier/sword will fit the bill. I think that the cupt-hilt is basically essential because of the guard position that characterises Destreza, but the blades on Spanish swords in that period vary quite a lot, from broadsword blades right through to square-section thrusters with no edge whatsoever.
This is the sort of thing that comes to my mind when people say Destreza: ... -106-p.asp

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