Interesting sword with an interesting history

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Interesting sword with an interesting history

Postby Motley » 24 Oct 2012 19:24


An arming sword (a knight’s sword for single-handed use smaller than a broadsword) from the 14th century with a storied past from the waning days of the Crusader kingdoms will be the star of Bonham’s Antique Arms and Armor sale on November 28th. The auction catalogue won’t be available until four weeks before the sale; bookmark this page and check back if you’re interested.

It’s longer than your average arming sword, with a tapering double-edged blade more than three feet long (92.5 centimeters or 36.4 inches). The hilt has an iron wheel pommel engraved with a crosslet cross (a heraldic symbol signifying the spread of Christianity to the four corners of the earth by means of four Latin crosses combined so that their tops point north, south, east and west), a leather-wrapped grip and a straight cross-guard. It is nine inches (23.2 centimeters) long, bringing the total length of the sword to an impressive three feet nine and 35/64 inches (115.7 centimeters).

The sword was made in Italy in the mid-14th century...

Read more here (it's well worth it):
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Re: Interesting sword with an interesting history

Postby mackenzie cosens » 26 Oct 2012 21:55

Thanks for posting. That very was a entertaining and interesting.
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