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Chroniques & Combat

Postby Ju » 19 Oct 2016 17:33

Hello everyone, this post to inform you of the publication, last monday, of the first volume of a brand new collection called "Chroniques et Combats" (l'oeil d'or editions) entierly devoted to HEMA, in partnership with
the French Federation of Historical European Martial Arts.
This first book, anouncing many others, is devoted to bayonet fencing.
The goal of this collection is popularisation. Authors will present the sources related to a specific theme (here bayonet fencing), contextualize these sources and give the keys to understand and experiment them, for all those interested.
The prefaces to this first volume are written by Fabrice Cognot PhD, General André Bach (Historian of WWI) and Bernard Aubry, specialist of the bayonet and honorary president of the French Association of Bayonet Collectors.
Moreover it presents a historiography of the french sources of bayonet fencing, and the very first applied Typology of bayonets.
Book in French. ... 61806.html ... garry.html
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Re: Chroniques & Combat

Postby knirirr » 21 Oct 2016 09:10

Excellent stuff - thanks for posting the link. I look forward to reading it.
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