Zweihander vs Montante?

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Zweihander vs Montante?

Postby Erian » 29 Aug 2016 09:03


I'm sorry if this is obvious, but are the Zweihander and the Montante two names for the same weapon? Or was there a difference between the two?
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Re: Zweihander vs Montante?

Postby admin » 30 Aug 2016 11:45

Basically yes. One is the German name (although I believe they were more often called Bidenhander historically) and the other is Spanish. There are some regional differences between big two-handed swords from different areas though - the Spanish montante does tend to have a slightly different design to German and Italian versions. Just as the English, Lowland Scottish and Highland Scottish two-handed swords of the 16th century all have different designs as well.

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