Sword Frog Ring

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Sword Frog Ring

Postby UncleDicky » 28 Jul 2016 21:08

Hello everyone, long term lurker here. One of my several mid life crisises is I took up longsword which then spilled into poleaxe and then next thing you know I'd got a complete harness.

My harness is a mixture of GDFB and Marshal off the shelf - spaldrons, steel arms, steel gauntlets, curiass, gorget, bascinet & avantail (for sparring) sallet and beevor for re-enactment, plate legs and sabots. All over riveted mail, hauberk and leggings, over arming jack and padded legs. Turned shoes.

carrying weapons...
belt - ring for hammer, frog for rondel
hand - poleaxe

I have 3 swords -
2 blunts - a Hanwei Tinker Longsword (which I have a blunt fitted but a sharp blade as weak), a Windlass Bosworth Battle Sword (which I had them supply blunt)
sharp - Cold Steel Italian Longsword (which is a hell of a lot better than many CS offerings and the balance is a bit thrusty but it handles remarkably well and is literally razor sharp from the box (much sharper than Hanwei out the box)

For battle field/re enactment - the Bosworth sword should be carried on the belt using a ring rather than a scabbard, scabbards of course were rarely worn in battle situations with harness as they are a tripping hazard.
has anyone found ring frog wide enough to carry a full sized longsword? how do you angle it so that the sword (which has a longer blade than my leg) doesn't trip you?

An easy way to get fit quickly is to wear the mail around the house - I've lost a stone (in 6 weeks) by doing this and it's built huge strength in my shoulders - great for sword training.

great forum and I love Matt's videos.
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Re: Sword Frog Ring

Postby swordflasher » 30 Jul 2016 08:47

pics please! [of the harness and weapons].
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Re: Sword Frog Ring

Postby UncleDicky » 07 Oct 2016 08:40

I'll get some taken asap

I found an excellent sword ring from GDFB which is wide enough to take a battlefield sword blade.

I am having some issues with fitting my plate over the mail at the moment, I have ordered a new, thinner arming jack - a thick gambeson is unlikely to fit under plate and mail
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