Messer/Arming sword instruction advice

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Messer/Arming sword instruction advice

Postby Inthe Meantime » 22 Nov 2015 17:02

Our club has decided to expand our horizons a little and do some six week (or so) taster sessions with different weaponry. We have basically specialised in German Longsword previously. As such we chose for our first outing to do some work with a single handed weapon ie arming sword/messer. I have a copy of Forgeng's Leckuchner translation which I was intending to use as the basis for the course due to its connection with the Lichtenauer tradition and hence the ability to cross apply some of the techniques.
Thing is I have had very little chance to practise any of it so I was wondering what plays the Hivemind would recommend to use. We generally train for 1 1/2 once a week so I'm looking for simple but interesting that would give an overview of the system. All advice welcome
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Re: Messer/Arming sword instruction advice

Postby Cosmoline » 23 Nov 2015 00:01

We did something similar in our longsword group and used the Glasgow treatise as the basic intro. The idea being that it's somewhat easier to follow. Plus we didn't have the Forgeng.

I found the windings tended to translate well from longsword. I also found the "bogen" to work quite similar to the "crutch" from I.33. My favorite of all was the inverted parry, which if done correctly locks the incoming blade into the nagel and crossguard so you can do a zwerch-type cut to the left of his head or if you can't get that or are feeling mean, an aggressive zwerch to the right of his head that simultaneously ejects his blade. The harder he presses, the more of an "ejection" action is created with your counter.

One thing that really struck me is how incredibly free and open messer is, and the phenomenal reach. In my main training in I.33 and early longsword, the hands are both pretty tied together. When you have a free left hand the right can go anywhere it wants, and that messer can show up anywhere from any starting point.
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