Modernised version of armoured sword & shield

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Modernised version of armoured sword & shield

Postby stickwhistler » 20 Nov 2015 09:25

A modernised version of sword & shield fighting.

I haven't seen this on on this forum, so apologies if I've missed it,
and maybe not the right place in the forum, but more people will see it here.

It is an MMA type (obviously rule based) armoured sword & shield fight
by armoured persons, in an MMA ring. 3 rounds of 3 minutes.

Lots of things to note - dents in armour, how tired the 'players' were
at the end etc. I'm sure there will be lots of criticism re technique - but very entertaining to watch.

20 minutes long. I know that I am not fit enough to last that long, and perhaps brings a new
perspective on how a real fighter might feel in a real battle.
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Re: Modernised version of armoured sword & shield

Postby Cosmoline » 20 Nov 2015 09:40

It's sort of the reverse of real harness fighting from what I can tell. Instead of thrusting to the weak bits and breaking bones they hack with dull blades to the strong parts. But on the other hand a real fight in armor lasts at most a few minutes. A real fighter in a real battle would have been dead or victorious much quicker. They didn't putz around. Which isn't as entertaining for spectators. I am impressed these guys can keep the genuinely rough fight crowds entertained over in Russia and east Europe! Some really scary dudes in those audiences. And of course the athleticism to keep that up for so long is super impressive.
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Re: Modernised version of armoured sword & shield

Postby swordflasher » 21 Nov 2015 00:11

I quite enjoyed that, if you just take the armour as protection for the bout rather than replicating armoured fighting, and I like sword forward/ shield back anyway. The use of the boot when an opponent crouched and raised the shield to avoid a downward blow was good, the spinning less so. But not really any feints or second intention hits, just straight-forward bashes, and any parries with the sword seemed accidental - I wondered if that was to make a more brutal fight or so the crowd can follow the moves?

I would think this is quite 'historical' considering the average battlefield fighter of yore, and an impressive test of endurance by any standards.
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Re: Modernised version of armoured sword & shield

Postby Cosmoline » 21 Nov 2015 01:26

Forgetting harness fighting issues, and mindful of the theatrical necessities, the only thing I'd really criticize here is that they don't really have a respect for the center space. They seem to jump right to super close measure and start smacking each other. Which is never a good plan A. I think the fight would be better and more martial if they made a point of using their swords as swords and worked to claim the center space before attacking. If they did that and avoided fleshy bits they could probably thrust and use proper longsword simulators without too much injury risk. Or at least a good arming sword you can make some more interesting cuts with instead of the rather crude cuts they make here. And of course by eliminating thrusts you really remove the potentials for binding and winding. Which is where swordplay gets interesting IMHO. I'm also not sure if they're forbidden from sword grabs, but that would be something cool to introduce.
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