Lenticular convex shields

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Lenticular convex shields

Postby clubinglex » 02 May 2015 09:11

Hello Folks
About lenticular shield differences with flat round shield :
Is much more difficult to make .
You can carry javelins with the same hand.
Shield strike with the edge is weaker.
Slightly more resistant to penetration ?
Better resistance to shield manipulation from the enemies weapons ?
I take any more informations or correction Razz, even just a book name.
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Re: Lenticular convex shields

Postby Sean M » 02 May 2015 09:51

Domed shields are more difficult to make with our technology which rips beams lengthwise into flat boards. This technology works well with power and cheap steel saw blades, but most cultures which made shields did not have those tools. With some other technologies, which adze and chisel beams into boards, or steam and bend wood, domed shields were just as easy to make as flat. These technologies were common in the ancient Aegean and early medieval north-west Europe. One classical Greek text suggests that shields were turned on lathes to hollow them out!

There is a discussion of Anglo-Saxon woodworking technology and shields and a description of a reproduction in Barry Molloy ed., The Cutting Edge (2007).
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