New publication: Encased in Steel Anthology I

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New publication: Encased in Steel Anthology I

Postby KeithFarrell » 02 Mar 2015 12:42


Celebrating four years of Encased in Steel.

The writing team behind the Encased in Steel blog (Keith Farrell, Alex Bourdas and Ben Kerr, with guest author Benjamin Hawkins) have compiled some of the best articles from the last four years into the first Encased in Steel anthology. The articles have been edited heavily and updated significantly, to ensure a high quality of both scholarship and written language. Some new and unique articles have been written specifically for this volume, that are not available on the blog.

The book is divided into five thematic parts, each dealing with a different element of the study of historical European martial arts. Topics include chivalry, history and research, studies of weapons, test cutting, and practical concerns.

Suitable for anyone with an interest in European history!

Keith Farrell is one of the senior instructors for the Academy of Historical Arts, based in Scotland. He teaches HEMA professionally, often at international events, and has an interest in coaching instructors to become better teachers. He has authored Scottish Broadsword and British Singlestick and the AHA German Longsword Study Guide, and is one of the regular contributors to the Encased in Steel online blog. He has been a member of HEMAC since 2011.

Book Details:
- Volume Editor: Keith Farrell
- Article Author: Keith Farrell
- Article Author: Alex Bourdas
- Article Author: Ben Kerr
- Article Author: Benjamin Hawkins
- Publisher: Fallen Rook Publishing
- Date of Publication: 2nd March 2015
- ISBN: 978-0-9926735-6-7
- Binding: Perfect-Bound Paperback
- Pages: 209
- Height: 22.86 cm
- Width: 15.24 cm
- Language: English

The table of contents for this book.

Available to purchase through the Corsair's Wares online store.
-- Keith Farrell --
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