New article: Dementia Pugilistica in HEMA

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New article: Dementia Pugilistica in HEMA

Postby KeithFarrell » 22 May 2014 13:29

I have researched and written an article about the subject of dementia pugilistica (brain damage from repeated head hits in boxing and other sports) with relation to the practice of historical European martial arts.

The article introduces the condition, discusses its occurrence in boxing and other sports, looks at risk mitigations used by various to prevent concussions, and makes some recommendations for HEMA practitioners to reduce the likelihood of this condition developing in our most active athletes, competitors and instructors.

The document is available on the Academy of Historical Arts website at this link:
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Postby Ulrich von L...n » 23 May 2014 08:49

This is a very good and interesting article.

Another good source of information:
Hietala. Neurochemical aftermath of amateur boxing (2006)

IMO mouth guards don't provide too much protection against KOs or KDs (knockdowns), only against jaw & tooth injuries. The same is true for boxing headgear: they are good against cuts (forehead, around eyes), but are of little use against KOs, might even contribute to the increase of serious brain injuries: they increase the target area, limit the vision field (some people are saying that the most severe KOs occurred when you haven't seen the incoming punch), give the false feeling of security thus increasing the probability of wild exchanges of blows, when competitors completely disregard the most important thing: "Protect yourself all the time". It might happen that headgear even contributes to eardrum injuries.
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