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Re: Warmups And General Fitness

Postby Steven H » 09 Oct 2013 16:40

I hadn't forgotten this. But I just started an internship and had to study for my GRE.

HPFlashman wrote:My reason for not wanting to introduce a strength regime with iron on an earlier time has to do with a: having stamina enough to get trough a training pass.

Training pass of what? Technical work? If you mean technique practice then strength training increases a persons stamina for just that.

HPFlashman wrote:b: having a cardiosystem that works towards recuperating more swiftly and

Strength training does exactly this by being intermittent work at high intensity.

HPFlashman wrote:c: having had some exposure to physical education so as not to do damage,

Strength training has a lower injury rate than most forms of cardio training.

HPFlashman wrote:resisting peer pressure for going to heavy to soon and train smart.

That's about talking to your athletes and doing cardio first is an unrelated aspect of training.

Please understand that my primary point is to eliminate the false idea that strength training is somehow 'advanced' training. Training that needs a foundation of something else, needs to be limited in who does it or when or any other such artificial restriction. The fact remains that everybody should be doing strength training at least a couple of times per week as part of a complete physical activity program.

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Re: Warmups And General Fitness

Postby Hadden » 10 Jul 2014 07:53

Yeah you should do some physical exercise during the session to warm up your body and maintain a good fitness level. Cardio and abs exercises are the best to maintain a good fitness level, improve stamina, and body balance. You should focus on jogging, running, swimming, rope jumping, push ups, and pull ups etc.
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Re: Warmups And General Fitness

Postby Dave B » 11 Jul 2014 14:47

Seems to me though (based on personal experience, not any scientific background) that Cardio is best if it's short but intensive.

Sure, if you want to be good at running you need to do a lot of running, but in terms of general fitness I'm running just 5k (3.3miles) a couple of times a week, but going at it pretty hard. When I was running longer distances I felt I got less benefit in terms of the kind of fitness for fencing, and my knees didn't like it.
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