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The Reindeer

Postby Fab » 08 Jan 2009 21:02

A little thing that some of you might want to try out :

Yesterday night we had this "Reindeer" contest/tournament, that was postponed during our last session of 2008 - and it turned out to be a good thing.

First, because it allowed us a poor pun as Reindeer in French is 'Renne', which sounds like 'Reine' (ie Queen) - and at this time in France we eat King Cake ('galette') - and draw Kings (a small trinket is hidden in the cake, the one who finds it becomes the King) ; while 'to draw' is 'tirer', which also in French slang means 'to have sexual intercourse' with a slightly disrespectful flavour. So, tu cut short with this linguistic babble, what we did yesterday was"Tirer les Rennes" while others "Tirent les Rois". Aha. Aha. Aha.

But enough with that.

The rules (as it is what's really relevant) were simple, and good fun :

- A reindeer (a reindeer muppet, actually) placed in the middle of the fighting arena.

- Two fighters, trying to get hold of the reindeer. If a valid hit is scored, the 'hit' fighter has to take three long steps back. If he was carrying the reindeer, he has to drop it on the spot he was hit and then walk back three steps. In case of a double hit, both fighters have to take three steps back.

- 90 seconds bouts. When time's up, the person having hold of the reindeer is declared winner. If the reindeer is 'free', then it is a sudden death decision.

And we had good fun. Surprisingly, only a minority of the bouts ended with a sudden death. We even saw good HEMA. And good tactics, with Fred running around the arena, waving his sword behind his back once he grabbed the reindeer :)

Fred, that some of you know from Dijon, is the 2009 King of the Reindeer.
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