Unofficial Dragon's Tayle training.

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Unofficial Dragon's Tayle training.

Postby Stevie T » 17 Oct 2008 13:14

I've been doing some training with some of the lads in Rosa Mundi, my living history group, on Sundays.

It's all my DT stuff but not open to any members outside Rosa Mundi, still good practice for me for when I can find a fooking hall.

So we started with some basic drils, quarters and quarter voids. was going reasonably well except for leading way too much with the hands and generally lazy posture.

After a quick think of how to get them to stop leading with the hands I dug out a mask, 2 pairs of gloves and fore arm protection.

One donned gloves and mask, the other gloves and arm protection.

Both grabbed a shinai.

So the drill was, the guy with the arm protection tried to strike a quarter and the masked man's head. The other tried to snipe at the hands as the first came in with the attack.

This worked really well as both were going full force.

Within 5 or 6 strikes the attacker was learning to keep his hands in and lead with the sword, and the sniper was getting faster and faster at spotting the tells for the start of the attack.

After a good run of un hit hands they swapped over.

After that we went back to the original drills.

They weren't perfect but there was a marked improvement, so this may be a drill I'll have to employ more than originally intended.

Anyway two solid hours of training meant we managed to get onto some of the more complicated drills I'd prepared (the stuff I did at fightcamp) and they were beginning to get the hang of the whole moving forwards and backwards thing.

One of the lads has a real apptitude for this and as he's only 15 should make quite a fighter when he's old enough to attend events.

Next meeting is Sunday so I'll get to go through everything again and see how much they've remembered.

Should also be a few more people along as well.
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