Leszák, Károly - Kardvívás (Swordfencing) - 1906


Leszák, Károly - Kardvívás (Swordfencing) - 1906

Postby Berki András » 11 Oct 2013 07:56


I present you this Hungarian book on swordfencing, written by a Hungarian fenincng master called Károly Leszák, unfortunately it's only in Hungarian, but below is a the translation of the title page and the definition of the sword fencing by the author. Although I'm more into longsword this book was really interesting for me, as it gives some teaching advices and it has many exercises for beginners and advanced students.




Written by:
Károly Leszák

1. class Fencing Master of the Royal Hungarian National Defence
Teacher at the Royal Hungarian Ludovika Academy

According to the Honourable National Defence Minister's Nr.5791/21 regulation on the 30th of the month January in the year 1906 this textbook is in service for the Ludovika Academy and for the National Defence Cadet Schools.

II. Print
Budapest, 1906
"Miller's Journal" Press

Property of the owner"

"1. The definition of swordfencing
The swordfencing is the art of conscious and successful sword handling.

I hope you like it :)

Kard Rendje

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Postby Ulrich von L...n » 12 Oct 2013 07:01

Hi András,

The same book was posted here almost one year ago: viewtopic.php?f=23&t=19397

Together with a reference to all photos from Gusztáv Arlow's book (1902). It seems to me that Leszák's book is an "abridged" - kind of military - version of Arlow's book, both books deal with the new, Italian method of sabre fencing. If you find the former book interesting, then the latter will be double that good!

Just another suggestion: around 1906 kard in Hungary was used as the synonym of sabre, so it might be better translate kardvívás as sabre fencing. Also it is good to see you posting, not just lurking in the shadows of the forum. :wink:

Szép napot!

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