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Voorschrift opleiding vechten blanke wapens 1937

PostPosted: 20 Nov 2012 08:04
by Reinier ... %20RvN.pdf

Or "Regulation for the instruction in fighting with bladed weapons" is a military treatise on the use of bladed weapons, such as rifle with bayonet, carbine with bayonet and, most importantly, the combination of klewang and carbine. It was published in the Dutch East Indies in 1937, describing the instruction of troops mainly to fight against uprisings in the former Dutch East Indies (now Indonesia). As such, it deals with defending against attackers armed with any weapons, varying from spears and knives to rifles and guns. Generally, the advise given is to defend the initial, wild attacks, and then to counter attack at the opportune moment.
Please note that the original ‘VOVBW’ is preceded by an index, and regulations prescribing which sections of the treatise are required knowledge for what troops. These sections are not included in this transcription.

About the Dutch klewang (or marechaussée sabre)
The klewang is a cutlass that was introduced to the Dutch troops in the Aceh War (1873 – 1913) via local troops. In 1898 it was officially added to the armament of the marechaussée units fighting in counter-insurgency warfare, which included a lot of man-to-man fighting. In this form of warfare, mobile troops armed with a klewang and a shorter carbine with bayonet were found to be more effective than traditional troops armed with a heavy rifle with bayonet.
In 1911, the klewang reached its (near-)final form, with a sabre-like hilt made of spring steel, and a short, curved, single-edged blade with clipped point. Though the Dutch klewang was named after the indigenous Indonesian klewang, it did not have much in common with these weapons. The klewang was used in its final form by the Dutch military until the 1950s, and is still part of the ceremonial armament of some units today.
Interestingly, the Dutch M1911 klewang is very similar to the American M1917 Naval Cutlass, which appears to have been derived from it.

Clasijn Witvliet provided photographs of an original copy of this treatise in the collection of the Dutch Legermuseum (Army Museum) in Delft. This transcription is based on these photos. Furthermore, the photographs of the original illustrations presented in this document are his.
This transcription was published with the kind permission of the Dutch Army Museum in Delft (

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by admin
Awesome! 8)

Re: Voorschrift opleiding vechten blanke wapens 1937

PostPosted: 16 Jun 2013 09:58
by Reinier
I have translated that piece of the Voorschrift voor de Opleiding in het Vechten met de Blanke Wapens (VOVBW) that describes fighting with carbine and klewang in English. Find it here: ... %20RvN.pdf

Re: Voorschrift opleiding vechten blanke wapens 1937

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by Reinier
An English translation (almost) the entire treatise: ... %20RvN.pdf