Comment se défendre - Dublois - 1918


Comment se défendre - Dublois - 1918

Postby Max C. » 27 Sep 2011 18:53

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Re: Comment se défendre - Dublois - 1918

Postby Thearos » 14 Jan 2012 03:02

Includes a variety of "trucs"-- how to escape a theatre during a fire (don't rush towards exits), how to escape a house or rather appartment fire (don't forget to pack your clothes; if the stairs are smoke-filled, climb to the top with your rope), how to teach your wife and children shooting with your revolver, how to prepare for a sword duel-- not an unrealistic prospect in 1918; how to survive a multiple-assailant mugging (perpetrated with the "coup du pere Francois", a sort of strangle + back hold done with a rope, a classic of the Parisian "Apache"), how to move a man with a broken leg, how to avoid getting groped in the Metro as a women (put pins in gropeable bits of your dress), etc. Lots of period charm.

Also some basic stick fighting (a upwards strike v. similar to Fiore "sword in one hand" technique, with a follow-up blow to the head); some grappling (eye gouges, base of the nose gouges), some ground fighting, some kicking, some strikes, some jiu-jitsu, and various anecdotes (Dubois fought a jiu-jitsu master, Renier-- and lost due to an armlock).
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