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Rukovodstvo k izutsheniju - Sieverbrück - 1852

PostPosted: 28 Oct 2012 12:01
by Ulrich von L...n
Руководство к изучению правил фехтования на рапирах и эспадронах, 1852
Иван Ефимович Сивербрик (1778-1852)

Instructions for learning the rules of fencing with foil and spadroon, 1852
Ivan Sieverbrück

The original Russian edition of this French book:

Author: Sieverbrück, Ivan, 1778-1852.
Title: Manuel pour l'étude des règles de l'escrime au fleuret et à l'espadon / par J. Sieverbrück.
Publisher: Paris : C. Tanera, 1860.
Description: 132 p., l leaf of plates : ill., port. ; 28 x 23 cm.
Notes: Russian edition, St. Petersburg, 1852.
"Biographie de l'auteur": p. [9]-16.
1 lithogr. and cuts.

Bequeathed by Captain Alfred Hutton.

PostPosted: 06 Nov 2012 20:57
by Ulrich von L...n
Actually, this pdf is the second edition (1880) of Sieverbrück's (Siverbrik) book. It contains 10 drawings and a portrait of Ivan Jefimovich Siverbrik, together with his biography. This edition was published by Albert Blendzhini (Альберт Бленджини), fencing professor at the Imperial Fencing School for Guards Officers, St. Petersburg. The text was compiled by Ivan Siverbrik's son, Jegor (1802-1872) in 1856, and published after his death.

Starting from Chapter 3 (Fencing Lessons) pages are bilingual, Russian and French.

Re: Rukovodstvo k izutsheniju - Sieverbrück - 1852

PostPosted: 19 May 2014 07:10
by Max C.
French translation with some more plates. ... &q&f=false

PostPosted: 20 May 2014 17:23
by Ulrich von L...n

Thank you for this find! A very nice book with good illustrations.
A copy of this French edition (1860) of Sieverbrück's book (1852) was owned by Captain Hutton.