Los secretos de la espada - Fors, Luis Ricardo 1894


Los secretos de la espada - Fors, Luis Ricardo 1894

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Re: Los secretos de la espada - Fors, Luis Ricardo 1894

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manrique wrote:http://bdh.bne.es/bnesearch/CompleteSearch.do?field=todos&text=esgrima&showYearItems=&exact=on&textH=&advanced=false&completeText=&pageSize=1&pageNumber=1

Gracias Jaime

Thanks much for sharing this!
Buenos Aires must have been an interesting place for fencing in the late 19th century.

Title Los secretos de la espada : exposicion y comentario de las doctrinas del Barón de Bazancourt sobre la esgrima por Luís Ricardo Fors ; ilustraciones de De Neuville, Fortuny, Gamarra, Genilloud, Jazet ; y fotograbados por F. Ortega
Author Fors, Luis Ricardo (n. 1843) De Neuville- Ortega, F.-
Date 1894 Edition [S.l.] [s.n.] Buenos Aires Imp., Litogr. y Encuadernación de Jacobo Peuser

Now I wonder, is this more or less just a translation of Bazancourt, or is there much additional commentary?

In case anyone else curious, here's the original French Les secrets de l'épée (1862): https://archive.org/details/lessecretsdelpe01bazagoog

And, a 1900 English translation:

Also, Bazancourt inspired Richard Burton's "The Sentiment of the Sword"
http://ejmas.com/jnc/jncart_burtonsenti ... s_0300.htm
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