Johann Georg Paschen - Fecht-Ring-und Voltigier-1666


Johann Georg Paschen - Fecht-Ring-und Voltigier-1666

Postby Bulot » 28 Mar 2012 17:07


1666- Vollstandige Fecht-Ring-und Voltigier-Kunst
Compilation of other Paschen treatises.

incomplete scan :
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Re: Johann Georg Paschen - Fecht-Ring-und Voltigier-1666

Postby Reinier » 09 Apr 2014 08:30

A complete set of scans from one version of this book: ... &q&f=false

As pointed out by Jan Schäfer, there are two versions of this book, that only seem to differ in being dedicated to different people. ... georg.html
The above-linked version, however, appears to be a third version dedicated to the knights of Oelsnitz.

Unfortunately, when you download the pdf, parts of the scans come out white, but you can see it all well online.

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