Lebendige Schwertkunst

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Lebendige Schwertkunst

Postby Jeffrey Hull » 02 Jun 2008 06:29

It seems that Wolfgang Abart has a new book forthcoming (Amazon.de says June):

Lebendige Schwertkunst
Bloßfechten mit dem Schwert und der Feder
Praktische Anleitungen vom Grundangriff zum Meisterhau
Theorie und Praxis nach Fechtbüchern des 14.-16. Jhs.
http://www.lebendige-schwertkunst.de/8b ... uecher.htm

Anybody have any ideas as to its nature or author's methods beyond the description?
Jeffrey Hull

Postby Harry » 03 Jun 2008 14:26

hi jeff,

wolfgang is a controversial guy in germany. he is nice and well trained, but his way of hist. fencing quite disputed.

first of all he a "parry with flat" fanatic, he also votes that many techniques in hist. fencing books are not meant to be fought with sharp blades

and some other things too.

I have not read the book until now and also haven't took a look into it, so I can not say something about the content, but because of his really different way of interpretation I am rather sure that his book is not written in my style.
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Postby Herbert » 11 Jun 2008 07:56

Wolfgang uses some strange expressions and names of techniques. I don't know why he is doing this. If someone learns to fight after this book he will have severe problems to communicate with others as he will be using a strange and different vocabulary. That does not really help.

As to the techniques. They are sometimes ok, but most of the time he either misses an important point, simply got the techinque wrong or reads some strange mixture of new and old techniques into it.

The Layout was surely meant to be be clearing up the movements but I find it rather confusing.

All together nothing I would recommend buying. His book is better than the books of Weinmann and Leffler but that is easy. He would have achieved this with a book made out of blank paper.

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