Codex 44 A 8 (so-called Peter von Danzig): Transcription &am

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Codex 44 A 8 (so-called Peter von Danzig): Transcription &am

Postby Dierk Hagedorn » 16 Mar 2008 12:09

Hello everybody,

in the last three months I have spent some time on proof-reading my translation of the codex 44 A 8 (frequently attributed to Peter von Danzig) into modern German.

In fact I made some 1700 smaller or even larger corrections, additions, changes or new translations. Mostly it’s only about harmonizing the spelling of the many, many imperatives. Nevertheless, I had to add three or four omissions. And as far as the so-called Merkverse are concerned, I went very thoroughly through them, quite often coming up with a complete new version. The new ones do not read as fluently as before but since the original doesn't do that at all they stick a bit more to the true meaning, I hope.

Of course, every translation bears its risks, questions, or gaps. For that reason both, the transcription and the original, are brought face to face on one page.

This project took me two and a half years, and now I will leave it alone. I feel it won’t become any better – only different.

If any of you has some comments or suggestions, I might give it another look.

For your convenience, here’s the link to the introductory page – unfortunately the only one in English.

Best regards

P.S. While I was at it; I re-checked and improved my Kal-translation also.
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Postby Harry » 21 Mar 2008 13:34

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Postby Andreas Engström » 21 Mar 2008 14:26


Seconded. Great work, Dierk.

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