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Talhoffer Ueber Alles

Postby Jeffrey Hull » 18 Jun 2007 22:58

Hey Folks

Fight Earnestly – the Fight-Book from 1459 AD by Hans Talhoffer

transcription, translation and commentary by Jeffrey Hull

The Fechtbuch (Fight-Book) from 1459 AD by Hans Talhoffer is truly an uncanny work. In this edition of his work, the fight-master opens a window for us to his world. He shares knowledge from his own field of expertise – the martial arts of Renaissance Europe. Yet he also presents works from masters of the same and other fields – Zwaintzig Ussrichtung (Twenty Directives) by fight-master Johann Liechtenauer; Bellifortis (Battle Force) by military engineer Conrad Kyeser; and Hie Lert (Here Teaches) by astrologer-physiologist Jud Ebreesch. By text and by pictures, numerous diverse and lively scenes are shown that are sometimes quite bizarre – vigorous fighting lessons, for judicial dueling and for battle; war-machines, strange inventions and secret formulas; and treatises upon cosmology and physiology.


Good luck,


Jeffrey Hull
Jeffrey Hull

Postby admin » 18 Jun 2007 23:15

Good work Jeffrey!

I like swords more than you.
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Postby J Marwood » 18 Jun 2007 23:27

Good work Jeffery. I've only had time to glance over it but it looks fascinating - It's at the top of my 'to read' list!
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Postby Angantyr » 19 Jun 2007 09:03

Nice! :D
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