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Free Liechtenauer compilation PDF

PostPosted: 23 Aug 2016 00:23
by Michael Chidester
"It's been a long road, but the 2015 Wiktenauer Fundraiser is finally, finally winding to a close. All perks are delivered apart from the scan bundles, and the last two sets of scans should arrive soon to close that out. As I stated in the beginning, the ebook-based perks were merely a "sneak peek", as it were, of documents that would eventually be released into the wild.

"I make good on that pledge now: below you will find a link to the complete Johannes Liechtenauer ebook, graciously hosted by our sister site HROARR. The translations have been updated with changes made by my translators since the book went to print, various typos and formatting errors have been corrected, and the images have been compressed to reduce the size of the file and make it more portable--you won't notice that on your screen, but it does mean that the PDF won't print out at nearly the same quality as the Wiktenauer books (though those are still available at present through the Indiegogo page for anyone who wants to make a late donation)." ... chtenauer/