German longsword guide vol. 1: how to hold a sword

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German longsword guide vol. 1: how to hold a sword

Postby tabiris » 10 Dec 2014 19:14

Hey fellers.

So I decided to start a very systematic guide to german longsword fencing. By systematic, what I mean is starting at the things that we often don't even consider - in this instance, how to hold a sword - and explanations as to why this is effective.

I'm the second generation of modern HEMA, by which I mean my instructor was self-taught - extremely competent, at that, but he had to find things out for himself. While I did get the basics handed down to me (it's amazing how much this means - just getting the basics right), some things worked for him but not for me and vice-versa. This got me into thinking how exactly I need to move so that my movements are as effective as possible, which in turn made me do research into other sports and martial arts. So out of this, I got an approach that seems to be more systematic and basics-oriented than most, and I'd like to share it with all who think it might be beneficial to them - especially those who either don't have a group nearby or can't make all the trainings for various reasons.

Here's the vid, and any feedback will be appreciated:
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