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Liechtenauer on Wiktenauer

Postby Michael Chidester » 25 Mar 2013 19:22

Accomplished author and translator Christian Tobler has graciously donated to the Wiktenauer his translation of the writings of the Hochmeister Johannes Liechtenauer, taken from his 2010 book "In St. George's Name". We have been without a reliable translation of these verses until now, which has always struck me as unfortunate since they are the foundation upon which the entire German School was built. Now you can read them in all their glory. We've also implemented verse numbering for all of the poems on the site including this one, at Dr. Forgeng's suggestion.

Let me add that if you like Christian's style (which I do), you can purchase his complete translation of the Rome Cod. 44.A.8 here: ... sname.aspx

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