What translations of the Hs.3227 are available?

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What translations of the Hs.3227 are available?

Postby KeithFarrell » 29 Jun 2012 13:07

Hey guys, just a quick question: what English translations of the Hs.3227a are available?

There are translations by David Lindholm (its own pdf), James Wallhausen (Knightly Martial Arts) and Gzegorz Zabinksi (Masters of Medieval and Renaissance Martial Arts). I know that Jeffrey Hull also has made available a translation of the flourish on folio 52v (its own pdf).

Apparently there is a translation of the text by Brian Price on the Schola Saint George website, but you need to register and pay a membership fee to gain access to it.

Does anyone know of any other English translation of this manual?
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