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Re: Counter attack vs parry/riposte - moved from Fiore

Postby PH BAS » 23 Feb 2012 14:47

Herbert wrote:
Keith P. Myers wrote:If you look at the more recent German tradition, Paulus Hector Mair doesn't seem to really distinguish between "absetzen" and "versetzen."

There you see how a system changed. I am quite certain that Absetzen is a different thing from Versetzen, as it is mentioned in the earlier sources.


I confirm for Paul Hector Mair's works. Absetzen seem to be like versetzen, but like it's said : you have good versetzen and bad versetzen.

But sometimes you have again abnemen it seem to be a bad versetzen...
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Re: Counter attack vs parry/riposte - moved from Fiore

Postby Arto Fama » 24 Feb 2012 02:38

Please reread my post. Excuse me for not making it clear.

I only meant to say that Ringeck does not specifically says: "Do it in one fluent motion". Therefore one could interpret it as two different moves.

Yes, I do believe Single Time is the way to do Absetzen, so I do not argue there. I only tried to explain why I think it can be interpreted otherwise (breaking it up into: Winding into position, stepping and thrusting)

Absetzen is a single time movement.
In the action of the opponent.

About the difference between versetzen and absetzen, seems to me absetzen is a specific versetzen, and ends with your point in the other. (examples given against thrust to lower Blose or Oberhaw). Only refering to the older manuals, offcourse.
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