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Joachim Meyer on Wiktenauer

Postby Michael Chidester » 16 Apr 2011 19:08

I've now posted the entirety of the longsword section of Joachim Meyer's fencing manual, featuring translation of the 1570 by Mike Rasmusson and transcription by Alex Kiermayer. As we are not working under the same constraints as Meister Meyer, I have chosen to include the relevant illustrations each and every time they are mentioned in the text, and hopefully spare our readers the tedious hunting around that printed versions of his book require. The remaining four sections will be completed as time permits, but since I don't have a translation that I can use publicly, they're not a high priority at the moment. The article also includes a detailed bio based on the research of Kevin Maurer and Chris Vanslambrouck of the MFFG. Enjoy.
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