The Markverse Dance

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The Markverse Dance

Postby KeithFarrell » 20 Oct 2010 17:54

As a personal exercise, I have been working on translating Andreas Engström's Swedish version of Ringeck's longsword into English. This is going reasonably well, I'm learning a lot of fun technical words in Swedish! However, the markverse I was translating today made me laugh.

Scenario: imagine you are in a 70s style disco, with lots of flashing lights, after having tossed back ten or twelve vodka shots. The DJ changes record, and some mad hippy music blares through the speakers. You start to dance...

Wrath strike, Crooked strike, Crosswise, Squinting, with
Parting breaking the Fool,
follow after, go over, cut,
change through, twitch,
rush in, slice, press the hands,
hanging guard, and with openings,
strike, catch, sweep and thrust with the point.

The mental image makes me laugh! It could be a fun dance though, even without a sword in hand; I might try that the next time I find myself in a location with loud music and lots of alcohol...
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