Paulus Hector Mair - De Arte Athletica translation?

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Paulus Hector Mair - De Arte Athletica translation?

Postby Ivan » 21 Apr 2010 21:34


I've always wondered, how come noone translated/transcribed any of the chapters from Mair?
Seems to me like the most complete Fechtbuch in existence, with good text (I've translated 2 plates with a lot of effort), and excellent art.

Silly me :oops: ... or_Mair/1r

Ok, question number two... I haven't seen a lot of people referencing to this particular manuscript. Why is that?
Also, are there any differences between the latin and german one, apart from the language and print?
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Re: Paulus Hector Mair - De Arte Athletica translation?

Postby Michael Chidester » 21 Apr 2010 22:46

Brian Hunt and David Knight published the polearms material: ... and_Combat

Brian Hunt published the peasant staff and flail as his contribution to this anthology: ... and_Combat

David Knight's blog has some translations of the Sickle section, among other things:

And Kieth Myers has posted some of his translation work from various sections on the Pendant and HEMA Alliance forums.
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